The Brand

Our brand name reflects a piece of who we are and what we do. For something so small and powerful, we must ensure the spelling is consistent. That’s why we always spell our name without a space, in lowercase.

We aren’t yelling — TENTREE 👎
Nor are we prim and proper — Tentree 👎
We are approachable and kind — tentree ✔️

Our brand is rooted in the belief that we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the world we live in. Everything we create is inspired by nature and made from nature. Our logo visualise this belief.

Brand name


The tentree wordmark captures the character of our brand in a simple, ownable way.

The perfectly imperfect shapes, rounded edges, and lowercase letterforms communicate our strong, yet approachable, nature.

Can only be used in Forest Green, Cloud Grey or Cloud White.


Combination mark

Our wordmark and logo are built from the same forms, unifying our two primary marks under one clear design language.

Can only be used in Forest Green, Cloud Grey or Cloud White.



Our tree program is the foundation of our impact. It is used to showcase that impact throughout the world. This is why we have a special symbol for it. Our tree program uses a custom tree grid to show exactly where their trees are being planted.

Spacing & Sizing

Be sure to maintain a sufficient amount of clear space around all brand marks.

For the 10, use the width of the “1” to establish clear space. For the wordmark and logo lockups, use the “t”.

To maintain legibility, ensure that the brand marks don’t get too small when applying to apparel, communications, or in digital media.

Minimum Size:
0.35 in / 25 px wide
Minimum Size:
0.70 in / 50 px wide
Minimum Size:
0.70 in / 50 px wide

The Don'ts

Here is what not to do with our logo.

Use the tentree glyph, don’t type out tentree.
Don’t stretch or manipulate the logo.
Don't change the logo colours from our brand colours.
Don't create your own version of any lock up.
Respect the safe zone established in the Spacing & Sizing section above
Don't type "tentree" using any other font to imitate our wordmark


last updated on 21/07/20


The typography we use is inspired by our brand marks, with rounded edges, smooth curves, and a whole lot of personality,
it was designed to maximize its impact across all applications while keeping it easy to read, ownable, 
and highly recognizable.

Ensure type is set using the rules below to maintain consistency across all brand applications.


Merlo Neue Round Regular

0123456789 ?!&@#%*


Merlo Neue

0123456789 ?!&@#%*


It is important to maintain these type pairings. This allows for clarity, consistency, and a strong hierarchy for all communications. Medium weight should be paired with Light weight, and Bold weight should be paired with Regular weight.

header (tracking +5) always use title case

Merlo Neue Round Regular

pre-head (tracking +100) always in all caps

Merlo Neue

body copy  (tracking -5) regular rules

Merlo Neue Round Regular


It is important to organize typography in 
a hierarchical system.

reforesta medium
1.5 X logo point size
100% leading
-5 tracking
centered of left alligned
Subhead (optional)
merlo medium
1/2 headline point size
150% leading
-5 tracking
centered of left alligned
Logo size
****use the font set in reforesta****
10 symbol 2/3 the point size of the headline no bigger
wordmark 3/4 the point size of the headline no bigger

This Headline Is Set In Reforesta

This subhead is 1/2 the point size of the headline and set in Merlo Neue Round Medium

merlo regular
150% subhead point size
100% leading
5 tracking
centered or left alligned
Title Case
merlo regular
1/2 headline point size
150% leading
100 tracking
centered or left alligned
All Caps
Body Copy
merlo regular
1/2 headline point size
125% leading
-5 tracking
centered or left alligned
Regular Rules
Logo size
10 symbol 80% the X height of the headline (uppercase letters)
wordmark 65% the size of the logo

The don'ts

Here is what not to do with our fonts.

This is a Headline

This is a subhead

This body copy is
the same size as
the headline
and subhead

Do not make any level of hierarchy the same size or scale as another.

Do not use Sunshine Yellow for headlines

Do not use Sunshine Yellow as body copy. Do not use Juniper green as body copy.

Don't use sunshine yellow or juniper green for body copy or headlines. Restricting use to only dark forest green, cloud white or storm gray gives our message the highest contrast ratio, aiding accessibility.

This is a Headline

This is body copy set in merlo neue round

Do not make different levels of hierarchy the same weight.


This is some body copy, this is some body copy. This is some body copy, this is some body copy.

Don't use all caps as a headline or as body copy.


Last updated on 22/08/26


Our palette draws inspiration from colours found in nature, ranging from vibrant and lively to subtle and muted. We own green in every space, further signifying our connection to trees.

Forest Green
PMS 5535 C
PMS 627 U
PMS 5467 CP



DSM Primary Forest Green 800


Field Green



DSM Primary Forest Green 300


Cloud White
PMS Warm Grey 1 C
PMS Cool Grey 1 U
PMS Warm Gray 1 CP





Cloud Gray
PMS Cool Grey 10 C
PMS Cool Grey 10 U
PMS Cool Grey 10 CP



DSM Cloud Grey 900


Cloud White
Tones for actions
Use for background, stroke, and copy
Cloud Gray
Tones for actions
Use for background, stroke, and copy
Sunshine Yellow
Is our accent colour.
Use this colour to attract attention CTA / highlight colour
Storm Gray
Tones for actions
Use for background, stroke, and copy
Dark Forest Green
Use for headlines and background colour
Juniper Green  
Brand anchor colour
Use for illustration and background colour


Last updated on 22/08/26


Most of our compositions utilises a 12 column grid system. Using this system is beyond easy to apply and allows to build consistency between different applications.



To come

last updated on 21/07/20


Icons and their usage principles were designed to communicate quickly and effectively across all touchpoints.

Combination mark
Left arrow
Right arrow
Down arrow
Up arrow
Add / Approved
Show more
Shoe less
Positive impact
Message / comment
Yesterday / Back
Today / Circle
Tomorrow / Forward
My account
Create account
My trees
Log out
Log out
Slider dot off
Slider dot on
Star review / favorite
Scroll arrow
Left brush arrow
Right brush arrow
Right brush arrow hover
Left brush arrow hover
Delete / Trash
Cloud / Soft
Rainy season
Global warming
Search location
Social impact
Store location
Seed harvesting
Planting site
Planting / Build
Soil restoration
Carbon sequestration
Water conservation
Plant-based dye
Pine / Other trees
Persian silk tree
Yesterday / Back
Land preservation
Wildlife (land)
Wildlife (fish)
One (1)
Two (2)
Three (3)
Four (4)
Five (5)
Thumbs up
High five
Moisture wicking
UV resistant
4 way stretch
Layer / Insulated
Reclaimed wood
Washing instruction
Organic cotton
Recycled polyester
Bottle 2
Commute / Travel
Single use plastic
Air quality
Feather / Light
Track your growth
Register your code
Receive your code
Annouce / Voice
Shipping info
B 2 B
New mail
Zoom in
Zoom out
Banner / Goal
Burger menu
Shopping bag
Return and exchange
Shopping bag
Seed purchasing
Add to bag
Added to bag
Mystery bag
Mystery bag
Order History


To come

last updated on 21/07/20


To come


last updated on 21/07/20

Our Voice

In the same way that we want sustainability to be accessible to everybody, we want our copy to be just as accessible.

The role of our copy is to tell the tentree story through our defined brand voice. tentree’s voice reflects our community: the way they speak, what they value, and how they connect with the world around them. When we speak to our community in a consistent way, we build their trust and show them what we’re all about. It’s a lot like making a friend.


When in doubt, come back to these guiding principles for how we speak and use our voice.

Friendly 😊, but not overbearing 😁
We speak conversationally without being over the top. Our brand of positivity should be casual and relatable without trying too hard
DO: Have a sec? We just wanted to say thanks.
DON’T: Thank you so much for all your amazing contributions!!!

Motivational 🙌, but not militant 😠
We want to encourage others to lead a more sustainable life without green shaming them. Something about catching more flies with honey...
DO: Your tote bag makes a difference (when you remember it). Together, we can create lasting change through each sustainable choice. 
DON’T: Every time you forget your tote bag, another piece of disposable plastic ends up in our landfills. 

Relatable 👯, but not studied 🤓
We use abbreviations and slang that our community would use when it’s appropriate and authentic. We don’t abbreviate or use slang for the sake of it, or at the expense of clarity.
DO: Ok fall, we see you. Get prepped for the new season in our top picks for cooler months ahead. 
DON’T: Keep it 100 in our top picks for fall. They’re lit!

Educational 📚, but not alarmist 🚨
We get that everybody has different levels of knowledge and moves at their own speed. We want to educate about sustainability without scaring people off. 
DO: Did you know that there could soon be more masks than jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea? We’re going through about 129 billion disposable masks and 65 billion gloves each month — and lots of these are ending up in our waterways.
DON’T: Disposable masks are polluting our waterways at an alarming rate. We’re going through 129 billion disposable masks and 65 billion gloves each month. Unless we act immediately, our oceans may never recover. 

Concise ✅, but not curt ❎
We speak in simple terminology that everybody can understand. Aim to eliminate unnecessary words throughout copy unless doing so makes us sound harsh or impersonal. 
DO: Shop our new all-season sustainable basics.
DON’T: Shop our new basics.


We’re on a mission to become the world’s most sustainable brand. Planting trees, creating an Earth-First supply chain, and providing our customers with apparel that feels good inside and out are all ways in which we’re working towards that.

Primary Stories
Our primary stories are the brand narratives that make us uniquely tentree. Use this messaging often across all platforms to showcase who we are and what we stand for.

Tree Planting

Tree planting is central to our mission and history as a brand. We’re trying to communicate the bigger picture of what planting a tree really means using tangible results people can wrap their heads around
Impact on individuals: Meet Roasoa Lestine: one of our planters in Madagascar. Roasoa saved up her tree planting income and opened a local coffee shop, creating space for her local community to come together.

Impact on the environment: The Mangrove trees we plant in Madagascar protect coastlines and prevent erosion. 

What X# of trees can do: Did you know that your international getaway produces 2.2 tons of carbon? Offset your flight with 15 trees (we’ll take care of the planting).


Our commitment to the planet extends far beyond trees. We’ve made our product and practices as sustainable as possible, from sourcing the world’s most eco-friendly fabrics to removing all non-compostable packaging from our supply chain. While we’ve long been at the forefront of sustainable practices, our messaging hasn’t always highlighted it. Our community needs to see the full impact of what we’re working towards. 
Our teams work tirelessly to source the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet, like Fairtrade organic cotton and recycled polyester.

We’re committed to making things more circular, which is why this entire capsule is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold. Everything it’s made up of breaks back down — leaving behind only memories and no waste.  

The Quest Backpack is made from 22 recycled water bottles — so your baggage isn’t a burden on the planet.

Ethical Manufacturing

Unfair working conditions are unsustainable (in the literal sense), and our commitment to sustaining peoples’ lives is the driving force behind what we do. The factories we partner with all comply with our rigorous code of conduct that upholds ethical labour rights. In every facet of our business, we strive to provide people with safe workplaces where they can feel good about their contributions to protecting our planet.
Wondering why this hoodie isn’t made in Canada? Some of the most sustainable fabrics are actually manufactured overseas. And where sustainability goes, we follow. A workplace code of conduct upholds all our partner factories, so we know its workers are treated fairly and with respect. 

This is [insert name]. She works at our factory in [insert location], where we make [insert product name]. We recently popped by the factory during one of our routine audits and were lucky enough to hear her story. [Insert story]

Want to know more about our ethical manufacturing? We’re an open book. If we can’t share something with our community, it’s probably not aligned with our values.

Supporting Stories
These supporting stories complement our differentiators. We weave them into the conversation and communicate them across all platforms, collections, and campaigns.


We’ve discovered that our customer likes to be comfortable. They might not be wearing tentree while they’re running a marathon or hiking to the highest peaks. But they are absolutely throwing on tentree when they come home and want to relax, or when they’re running around doing everyday things. Our product is designed with this in mind, so it’s our job to share just how comfy tentree can be.
Soft would be an understatement. This thoughtful blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and TENCEL™ will be your all-season cozy companion.
This everyday layer ticks all the boxes. Comfy? Sustainably made? Easy to wear? Check.
A casual chino that will take you from Fridays at the office straight into the weekend. Made with organic cotton, these joggers are sustainable, breathable, and have just enough stretch to maximize comfort.

As we reposition tentree to appeal to a more fashion-forward community, it’s important to align ourselves with this corner of the industry. While it might seem counterintuitive, try to avoid using the words ‘trendy’ and ‘stylish’ when communicating the fashion-aspect. Instead, describe what makes the item/collection on-trend and use trending language.
DO: Pollution is lame, let’s squash it. This boxy organic cotton tee is kind to the earth and all its friends.
DO: Post-workout or posting up? This sweat set features a minimal graphic and answers all your athleisure needs.
DON’T: Oversized and stylish, the Nordic Geo design will make every outfit look effortlessly on point.
DON’T: Made from 100% TENCEL Lyocell, this will be the most sustainable addition to your wardrobe that's also stylish and trendy.
Environmental Advocacy

We want to be advocates for sustainability in hopes of inspiring a new generation of environmentalists. In doing this, we need to maintain a positive attitude and showcase what we’re doing about the issues we highlight. While the future of our planet might look grim right now, our community needs to know there’s hope, and we’re doing something about it.
According to conservationists, there soon may be more masks than jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea. About 129 billion disposable masks and 65 billion gloves are being used every month — and lots of these are ending up in our waterways. We’ve just launched reusable face masks to help reduce the impact of single use PPE, made with recycled and re-purposed materials.

This year’s wildfires devastated over 27 million acres of land, displacing over half a billion animals. We’re committed to protecting and restoring our planet in any way we can. While that often means planting trees, it also means thinking outside the box and directing our efforts where they’re needed most. Our limited edition Australia Wildfire capsule directly supports the rehabilitation of vulnerable wildlife.


This document should not prohibit creativity. However, to break the rules, you need to know them first. This document is not an exhaustive grammatical guide.

Spelling Preferences
We’re a Canadian company and like to show off our roots. When in doubt, default to the Canadian spelling of a word unless it’s for a US-specific communication.

  • UGC: Refer to the individual by name as opposed to gender (unless they’ve specified which pronoun they prefer)
  • When images are present: Avoid referring to pronouns in copy that pairs back to images. The models and product signal for who the product is intended for without needing to call it out
  • CTAs: Unless both men’s and women’s product are linked to side-by-side, avoid using ‘SHOP [gender]’ as a CTA

When to make an exception:

  • When a single communication addresses both genders but is linked to separate landing pages
  • Gift guides

We’re creating an inclusive space where environmentalism is accessible to everybody. Avoid the use of gender-specific pronouns in your writing whenever possible.When to leave out pronouns:

We use First Person and Second Person.
1st Person: Used when referring to the brand.
Ex. We’re on a mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.
2nd Person: Used when referring to the customer.
Ex. You’re making a difference with your sustainable choices each and every day.

Generally, the standard rules of capitalization for title case and sentence case apply.

Title Case
"Title Case Looks Like This"
to be used for:

  • Email subject lines
  • Headings
  • Product names (even when within a sentence)
    Ex: Shop our iconic Golden Spruce Peak Hat.
  • Collection names (even when within a sentence)
    Ex: Shop the limited edition Plant Collection.
  • Initiative and programs such as Climate+ and Tree Code

note* not all words are to be capitalized, such as: and, the, a, of etc.note* ‘the’ is only capitalized when it is the first word in a sentence or title. It is not to be capitalized when referring to collection names within a sentence or heading.

Sentence Case
"Sentence case looks like this."
to be used for:

  • Body text
  • Social media captions
  • Ad copy: do not use title case for ad copy unless it applies to one of the above cases for proper usage.

note* When in doubt, if it is longer than a sentence, use sentence case

Punctuation Preferences
Terminal Punctuation:
Use terminal punctuation for body text or subheadings that are a full sentence. Do not use terminal punctuation for headings or subject lines. 

Exclamation Marks: Use sparingly — this comes back to our ‘friendly, but not overbearing’ tone descriptor. 

Contractions: Use contractions whenever possible; they make our communication sound more casual and approachable.
Ex. Instead of saying ‘you are’ say ‘you’re’ instead of ‘we are’ say ‘we’re’

As a brand, we speak our own language that we’re constantly teaching our community. This language is made up of (and excludes) specific terminology and applications that need to be consistent across all channels.

As a general rule, avoid puns unless a play on words that has been previously discussed and helps us tell a broader marketing story


Planter: We refer to our customers as Planters with a capital P because they’re the driving force behind our planting efforEx. Our Planters are the backbone of our community (that’s you).
Earth-First: You may have noticed us referring to ourselves as an ‘Earth-First’ brand. We do it often. We call ourselves Earth-First because everything we do stems from how we can do better by our planet. We don’t plant trees to sell clothes. We sell clothes so we can plant trees. 

: We’re making environmentalism inclusive. Whether you’re bringing tote bags to the grocery store (when you remember), or drinking from a reusable water bottle, we’re here to celebrate every meaningful step. Our community isn’t made up of hard-core environmentalists, and we believe a step in the right direction is energy well spent. 

Technical Terminology
We’re not just planting trees. We’re changing the way apparel is made and creating sustainable industry standards. This often involves some pretty technical terminology that needs to be explained in layman’s terms to our community. Many of these processes also have particular requirements for how they’re represented in the written form.

TENCEL™ is made of responsibly sourced wood pulp and produced without releasing any contaminants into the environment.
Refer to as:
TENCEL™ Lyocell
TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres
LENZING™ (this is the company behind TENCEL™ Lyocell, TENCEL™ Modal, etc.) 

REPREVE® is made from post-consumer plastic water bottles. 
Refer to as: 
REPREVE® recycled polyester
REPREVE® recycled polyester fibre 

Bloom harvests toxic excess algae from waterways and turns it into performance foam. 
Refer to as: 
Bloom foam
Bloom algae-based foam
ALGIX® (the company behind Bloom) 

Fairtrade means that farmers work without exposure to harsh chemicals and are paid sustainable wages for what they harvest. 
Refer to as: 
Fairtrade organic cotton
Fairtrade certified organic cotton*
note: we cannot say Fairtrade product or Fairtrade certified product. Only the cotton is Fairtrade or Fairtrade certified

Cradle to Cradle Certified™:
C2C means that everything a product is made up of breaks back down, leaving behind no waste.  
Refer to as: 
Cradle to Cradle Certified™
Cradle to Cradle Certified™ product
Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold
Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold productCradle to Cradle Certified™ product standards

drirelease®  fabrics are quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and control odor. 
Refer to as:
drirelease® fabric
drirelease® E.C.O. fabrics
drirelease® E.C.O. (Environmentally Correct Origins) fabrics
drirelease® TENCEL™ blend
fabrics with drirelease® technology 

All our zippers fall under one of the blow YKK brands 
Refer to as the correct YKK brand: 
NATULON® zippers
NATULON® Mechanically Recycled zippers
NATULON® Chemically Recycledzippers
AquaGuard® zippers
VISLON® zippers 

PrimaLoft® is a synthetic alternative to feather insulation. They use the highest sustainable standards and offer performance product that’s kind fo the planet.  
Refer to as: 
PrimaLoft® BlackPrimaLoft® Black Thermo Plume™
PrimaLoft® Bio™
PrimaLoft® P.U.R.E™


Let’s put all of this into application through examples for each channel. These examples will all focus on a single product launch campaign to keep things simple. 

Email is one of the most important ways we communicate with our existing customers. For the most part, they’re familiar with our product and what we do, so emails focus on telling a story and communicating the narrative behind the [collection, announcement, planting project]. Copy length will vary depending on ask from art department.

Emails that are more product focused should communicate the key selling features, sustainability aspect, and use cases for the product.


Web content is for both new and existing customers. This means we need to communicate our branded differentiators (tree planting, sustainability, ethical manufacturing) while communicating the [product, collection, initiative]’s unique narrative.

In this case, the descriptions speak to the specific graphics on the product, as well as the fabrication and fit that makes it special. 

Mother Nature is tired of cleaning up after us — let’s give mother a break. This boxy organic cotton tee is kind to the earth and all its friends. 

There is no planet B so let’s be kind to the one we have. And no, Mars isn’t an option. This boxy organic cotton tee is kind to the earth and all its friends. 

Let’s give mother nature a break and ditch single-use plastic bags. Your tote bag makes a difference.

Web Hero
A quick teaser to get the customer excited about what’s being feature.


Collection Page
Brings the product into context for the customer. This might be the first time the customer sees the product displayed in plain, shoppable format. The collection page ties together the narrative and product.


SEO & SEM share the same goal of helping new customers find us. SEO/SEM-driven copy should communicate what the customer will find on the page while incorporating searchable keywords. Language here is more straight-forward and might have a little less personality than our other copy.

Shop our new sustainable graphic t-shirts and reusable tote bags. Eco-friendly t-shirts made from organic cotton.

Our social channels are also marketed towards both new and existing customers. Social copy should focus on the marriage of mission-based, community engaging, and product content to capture every kind of tentree customer.

Instagram & Facebook
Our Instagram community is highly engaged and loves to participate in the conversation. Captions that prompt engagement like posing a question to be answered or encouraging friend tags in the comments do extremely well. 

For product, copy can often be taken from existing web/email copy.


Twitter copy should be more information-based. Think of it like a news feed (in the literal sense).




Performance marketing is most effective when in relation to a specific product and its features. Avoid going into detail about the product’s story in this application. Focus on core marketable features.

What text overlay on a video ad should look like.

Limited Edition Earth Stuff Collection
the perfect boxy fit
‍super soft organic cotton
shop now at

Pinterest is great for providing inspiration and outfit ideas to our community. Copy should be overlaid on either a long-form post with several outfits underneath one another, or a single outfit post. Pinterest captions should reflect searchable terms and phrases that help our posts’ visibility. Our Pinterest audience is mostly female, so keep that in mind when rolling out communication.

A shoppable outfit photo with text overlay

Text overlay:
Fall Uniform
Organic cotton tee ✔
Cozy sweats ✔
Reusable tote ✔

Caption: Fall Outfit Inspiration for Women 2020. Shop the look.

note* use the pinterest search function to find searchable terms

Video titles should be searchable and identifiable. We invest a lot in the storytelling aspect of our video footage and we want to make sure the world can find them. The title should incorporate either campaign or location keywords and our brand name. The description should focus on telling the viewer what the video is about while incorporating important keywords.


A video for our Nepal Planting Site

Title: Explore Nepal | tentree

Description: Our planting efforts in Nepal are about people more than anything else. The communities where we plant are some of the world’s poorest and least developed. Our work in Nepal helps its communities reforest their nation. In doing so, they earn wages that allow them to support their families while being re-educated on the importance of healthy forest systems. This long-term strategy works to break the poverty cycle and give locals the tools to lead a life beyond merely surviving. 

Learn more about our tree planting sites: <link>
Click here to subscribe: <link>

About tentree:
Hey, we’re tentree, and we make everyday essentials guided by a commitment to protect and conserve our planet. We plant ten trees for every item purchased, and we’re on a mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030 to drastically reduce climate change. With your help, we’ve planted over 50 million trees already and restored land in over 8 countries.
We believe that big change starts small. Small as in bringing your reusable tote to the grocery store, getting your coffee refilled in a thermos, and choosing to wear sustainably made t-shirts. These small choices add up (trust us, we’ve done the math) and we’re here to celebrate each and every one of them. By planting 10 trees for every purchase, we hope to make big change accessible to everybody and show the lasting impact that one small choice can have. 

Connect with us:
Follow us on Instagram : <link>
Find us on Facebook: <link>
Follow us on Twitter: <link>

Note* simplified company bio and connect links should be inserted in every description below the fold to draw connectivity to our other channels.

Our SMS communications are a great way to interact directly with our customers. Copy for SMS should be informal, personal, and concise. Think of SMS copy as how you would text a friend.

Hey! We just launched our new Earth Stuff Collection of graphic tees and totes 🌍

We think you’ll love it, so check it out if you have a sec! <link>


We work with all kinds of affiliates to help spread our message and share our sustainable product. Affiliates are a great way to bring credibility to our product, but we should ultimately be in control of the key messaging they share. Here we’ll go through a couple examples of headlines and associated copy for an affiliates.


Headline: The Best Sustainable Graphic Tees for Layering

Body: tentree’s certified organic cotton graphic tees reduce water waste and harsh chemicals. We love this fun graphic and boxy fit that looks great layered under a chunky cardi. tentree is on a mission to protect and restore the environment via eco-conscious apparel and a serious commitment to sustainability. Ten trees are planted with each purchase (you can track your impact here), and over 50 million trees have been planted to date. 

Getting Cozy in Sustainable Fleece for Fall

Body: tentree just launched the most sustainable (and coziest) fleece we’ve ever met. It’s made from recycled post-consumer water bottles and somehow feels like wearing a hug. tentree works with sustainable manufactures and tracks their environmental impact for every piece. This fleece alone cuts down on water usage, CO2 emissions, and waste. Did we mention it feels like wearing a hug? tentree is on a mission to protect and restore the environment via eco-conscious apparel and a serious commitment to sustainability. Ten trees are planted with each purchase (you can track your impact here), and over 50 million trees have been planted to date.

Out-of-home marketing is often mission based, and needs to immediately identify our cause with eye-catching copy. Text for OOH copy is often large which means characters are limited.

Maxiumum Comfort, Minimum Footprint
Every item plants 10

Our wholesale marketing talks to a different kind of customer: our retail buyers. Buyers will already be familiar with our mission and product, so the goal of wholesale communication is to differentiate this [new product drop, restock, featured item, planting project] from others in the past, and let them know why their customers are likely to invest in it.


A wholesale collection launch email

Header: The Earth Stuff Collection

We’re making our best selling graphic tees from the Earth Stuff Collection available for wholesale. Featuring a more rigid organic cotton and an elevated boxy fit, these playful graphic tees make sustainability fun. 


last updated on 01/12/20


Humans are inherently drawn to nature. Not only out in the wilderness, but in our everyday lives. Whether showing someone at the base of a mountain, on a tree-lined city street, or sitting in their living room, trees, plants, and a sense of the outdoors should always be present. When depicting people, always show a diverse range of ethnicities, genders, and environments.

Subject / Models

Always show a diverse range of ethnicities, age and sizes.

Subject Matter

Show the good times you have with your friends outside. Tell a story and showcase a lifestyle.

Natural Shadows

Let’s use trees, plants, and make sure a sense of the outdoors is always present.


Embrace harsh shadow, it makes the shots look more immature and less polished which  appears more approchable and humble.


Experiment with flash to achieve harder shadows and make our photography look more approachable and less polished.

Background Colours

Use coloured background to highlight seasons and convey that we aren’t corporate.


last updated on 21/07/20


Our motion system is simple and feel natural. They are the basis of most movies and has this natural vibe to it.

last updated on 21/07/20

Customer Personas

Purpose of Personas

  • Utilize data and insights to define where, when, how, why and to whom our products show up in order to increase our marketing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Align departments and ensure our target and aspirational customers are top of mind, and accurately reflected in every area of our business and in every decision we make.
  • Even out our customer acquisition tactics and spend by meeting our target customers where they are, in ways that are meaningful and resonate with them. This will help us improve our contribution margin and plant more trees.
  • Speak to a customer that is aligned with our values, has significantly higher LTV, and has room to grow with us
  • Grow our community, and shift the tentree brand into an opportune position on the competitive landscape

Key Findings

  • Our target audience lives in medium-high density cities, likely in the PNW or a city with strong mountain culture as these areas show strong interest in sustainability
  • Millennials want companies to be doing something for the environment, and Gen Z is incredibly enthusiastic about sustainability; We have a great opportunity to grow with these two generations. With adequate disposable income age 35 - 44 is still the most likely to purchase sustainable apparel so this demo is still valuable to us.
  • tentree is perceived as an outdoor brand, but in practice is not. Our current, target, and aspirational customers are not outdoor thrill seekers. They generally wear tentree in casual situations and are very environmental-ish.
  • Quality, simplicity, and uniqueness are all important to our customers in searching for apparel. They want to make intentional purchases that are not duplicates of items they already have. Filling gaps over filling closets.
  • While our planting initiatives are important, our target customer craves more. They want transparency across the board, including our manufacturing, our fabrics and materials, and so on.

Competitive Landscape

Based on survey and research findings, we believe our target market position is 80% towards Sustainability (for now) and 65% into Trend First

Our sustainable aspirational competitors are Frank and Oak, KOTN, Outdoor Voices, Reformation and Tradlands

Our non-sustainable aspirational competitors are in line with CHNGE, Aritzia, and Everlane

Our Target Personas

The Weekender

  • Name: Skye
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Ballard, Seattle
  • Occupation: Grad student in Health Science & manager of a trendy general store
  • Income: $50,000 - $60,000
  • Marital Status: In a 2-year relationship

Cares About:

  • Self-development, big or small. She’s not afraid to step outside her comfort zone if it means an opportunity to achieve her goals or grow as a person. Recognition for her effort and hard work goes a long way, although she doesn’t need it to feel fulfilled.
  • Educating herself on her impact and learning how to live minimally. She knows she isn’t perfect and is always looking for new ways to reduce her footprint and give back to the planet. She gets that all those small decisions that add up, which is why she focuses on making tangible changes instead of huge ones.
  • Connection with her current social circle. She finds deep fulfillment in spending time with friends and family and has a tight-knit, like-minded community. She loves planning weekends away for uninterrupted friend time and visits her family often.
  • Being mindful. Skye is intentional. She seeks meaning in everyday life and tries to be mindful of her actions and state of mind. Making time to decompress and reflect is a priority for her, which she often does outside in the open air.
  • Holistic Self-Care. Skye makes self-care about more than just face masks, although she does love a good face mask. She checks in often with her body and makes sure to be kind to it—exercising often and wearing comfortable, sustainable clothing. She’s always looking for ways to improve her health, like trying new plant-based recipes and incorporating adaptogens into her daily vitamin mix.


  • Adventure and Travel. Planning weekend trips or international getaways to explore her own backyard or other cultures. She likes to go places that get her out of her comfort zone and give her a deeper understanding of the world around her.
  • Reading. Skye loves to read about the natural world, researching how it thrives and functions. E.g. reading Secret Life of Trees.
  • Photography. She loves capturing her trips and friends through the lens—it lets her tap into her creative side.
  • Holistic health. She likes to consider a high-level view of her health and wellness,, whether that’s daily exercise, meal prepping, or practicing mindfulness. She wants to lay out every piece of the puzzle when it comes to her wellness.


  • Watching/listening to true crime shows/podcasts
  • Bullet Journaling
  • Gardening
  • Planning and organizing trips
  • Fitness - running and hiking
  • Watching SkillShare videos
  • Pottery class

Expectations Of Brands

  • Simple pieces that are practical and all-year-round
  • Products that can transition from work to a night out with friends by making a simple shoe or accessory change
  • Prefers to purchase quality pieces with intention over lots of trendy pieces—she supplements her wardrobe based on necessity and less on desire.
  • Transparency into sustainability initiatives: she wants to know the impact of products, where their shortcomings are, and how brands plan to make up for them

Her Closet — Daily

  • Outdoor Voices: Cloud Knit Hoodie
  • Levi’s: Sherpa Trucker Jacket, Wedgie Icon Mom Jean
  • Organic Basics: Cotton Socks, Organic Cotton Tee, TENCEL Light Bralette
  • Madewell: Vintage Tie Dye Tee
  • Mate The Label: Thermal Boxy Crop, Thermal Wide Leg Pant, Give A Damn Tee
  • Aritzia: Superpuff Original, Marilyn Sweater
  • Patagonia: Retro Pile Fleece Marsupial

Her Closet — Elevated

  • Frank and Oak: Style Plan Subscription Box
  • Everlane: The Dream Coat, Straight Leg Crop, Oversized Alpaca Crew
  • Aritzia: Only Slip Dress, Adley Sweater, Lilith Blouse, Peplum Blouse
  • Free People: Cozy Nights Mini Dress, Harley Military Shirt Jacket, Ashby Blazer, Suede Moto Jacket

Her Closet — Shoes

  • Teva Midform Universal, Birkenstocks Arizona Soft Sandal, Vans Classic Slip Ons, Converse Lift Platform Sneakers, Doc Martens Classic Leather 8-Eye Boots, Blundstones Chelsea Boot, Solsana Mila Slide, Solsana Ella Boot, St. Agni Slides

Her Closet — Accessories

  • Warby Parker: Ezra Frame
  • Baggu: Thank You Standard Baggu, Upcycled Standard Baggu, Fanny Pack
  • Fjallraven: Vardag 16 Daypack

Currently Using:

  • Kinfield’s: Weekender Kit
  • Blume’s: Period Bundle
  • byHumanKind’s: Daily Routine Sets

Gaps Filled By tentree:

  • Slightly more elevated + unique basics with a sustainable twist
  • Sustainable outerwear to replace items like her Superpuff with an eco-alternative
  • Totes and backpacks that are great for urban use but could also work for a day hike
  • Our Athleisure pieces like leggings, simple sports bras, and athletic basics
  • Give back mission and feeling like she’s part of a bigger shift in the world

tentree Products She Currently Likes:

  • Highline Sweaters, C2C Line, InMotion Leggings, Brooklyn Tote, Treeblend Classic Tee, Golden Spruce Collection, Bamone Sweats, Lorax Collection

Add Value Initiatives That Excite Skye:

  • Eco-gift with purchase (e.g. seedlings)
  • Collaborations with eco-conscious or mindful influencers (e.g. sustainable mini-hauls, tutorials on how to curate a capsule wardrobe)
  • Interesting partnerships with other brands to fill product gaps:

    Public — Supply: Biodegradable Stationary Line in collaboration with
    Nalgene: A series of water bottles featuring Earth Stuff eco-characters
    Kinfield: Collaborative Be Kind to the Outdoors Kit

Where She Finds Us:

  • Shoutouts on her favourite podcasts (Eg. Crime Junkies)
  • Minimalism, lifestyle and adventure vloggers on YouTube
  • Instagram collaborations with bigger influencers
  • Word of mouth through friends
  • Through more and more strategic partnerships with brands she already follows like Hinge/Bumble and Nat Geo

Questions She Wants Answered:

  • Where did this clothing come from? Did tentree offset the product’s journey or manufacturing process?
  • What’s unique about this product? Why can’t I find it elsewhere?
  • The tree planting is great… but how else is tentree sustainable? How do I know it’s not greenwashing?
  • How versatile is tentree? Does it support all my various daily plans like chilling out, going for nature walks, and having dinner out?
  • How many boxes can tentree tick?

Skye In 5 Words

  • Down-to-Earth, Warm, Positive, Empathetic, Curious

Skye In the Real World

  • @wildd.foxx
  • @shelbyneufeld
  • @aliviafields
  • @chelseacoughlin
  • @_karefull
  • @lindsaymariko
  • @leacb
  • @justinebrouill
  • @holyshitthatsgood
  • @nikkibigger
  • @indruh

Her Schedule Looks Like:

The Recreational Mama

  • Name: Ivy
  • Age: 36
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario
  • Occupation: Freelance Marketing
  • Income: $85,000
  • Marital Status: Married with 2 kids

Cares About:

  • Doing her part to create a greener future for her little planter(s). Ivy is aware of the climate’s current state, and while she’s (very) busy in her daily life, she’s constantly looking for ways to pull her weight and help the planet. Her kiddos are always top of mind and she wants them to enjoy nature as much as she did growing up.
  • Comfort and function. While she does her best to dress on-trend, her main priority is finding items that stand up to her non-stop routine. That means comfy and functional finds.
  • Quality time with the family. Ivy is constantly on the go, keeping her family’s shit together, but she makes sure to carve out quality down-time for the whole fam. This looks like movie nights, teaching her kid(s) how to cook, and weekends away spent off the grid.
  • Self-care. While she doesn’t have an extensive self-care routine and isn’t blatantly passionate about health/wellbeing like Skye, she finds ways to take care of herself with her limited time. This means sneaking away for solo jogs to clear her mind or scheduling a book club with girlfriends once a month.
  • Inspiring others. She loves to share the steps she’s taking to create a better world for her kids and the planet. Whether that’s stories from her travels about how other cultures work, the planting projects she’s supporting with her tentree purchases, or little changes she’s makes in her family’s routine.


  • Travel and Culture: she’s always planning local getaways for the family, trips to museums, and visiting educational, kid-friendly hotspots like Science World. She’s passionate about introducing her kids to different cultures and uses movies/shows on travel, cultural moments, and social dilemmas as inspiration.
  • Homemaking: while she doesn’t like using the term in the traditional sense, she does love learning new ways to make her home life sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable. That means everything from eco-laundry habits to low-waste cooking and storage solutions.
  • Reading: she’s always got a million thing in her bag and books don’t often make the cut. Instead, she has her favourite bloggers bookmarked on her phone and pulls them up during downtime. Her current favourite is The Good Trade. She’s hoping to invest in Kindle soon!
  • Mental Wellbeing: she’s always learning new ways to settle her mind, stay calm, and improve her health. She likes showing her family how to look on the bright side and be proactive in maintaining great mental health. Podcasts (and books when she has the time) from Brene Brown and similar influential women help to inspire her and keep things in perspective.


  • Cooking and baking
  • Jogging and going on long walks
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Reading
  • Documentaries
  • Yoga
  • Weekly date nights

Expectations Of Brands

  • An easy and accessible shopping experience with a seamless user journey that makes it easy to find what she’s looking for
  • A great referral program and return policy—she loves member perks, and in case things don’t work out, she really values flexibility and great customer care
  • One-stop-shopping for the whole family. She finds it difficult to pinpoint brands that offer everything she needs, not only for herself but for everyone in her family
  • High quality, casual pieces that stand the test time with her non-stop lifestyle
  • Transparency and education on manufacturing, operations and materials

Her Closet — Daily

  • Everlane: Utility Drape Jumpsuit, 90s Cheeky Jean, Chore Jacket
  • Lululemon: Keep Moving Pant, Pack It Up Jacket, Snow Warrior Parka, Align Pant Scallop
  • Madewell: Resourced Cashmere Ribbed Mockneck, Ex-Boyfriend Cardigan
  • Kotn: Relaxed V-Neck, Ribbed Mockneck Shortsleeve, Fitted Longsleeve
  • Patagonia: Nano Puff Jacket, Organic Cotton Quilt Pullover
  • Rains: Long Jacket
  • Uniqlo: Hooded Knitted Coat, Glen Plaid Ankle Pant

Her Closet — Elevated

  • Aritzia: Cocoon Coat Long, Power Blouse, Utility Button Up, Tie Front Pant, Conan Wool Pant
  • Christy Dawn: Dawn Dress, Avery Jumper
  • Cos: Cashmere Wool Tunic

Her Closet — Shoes

  • Everlane Tapered Day Glove, Everlane Court Sneaker, Native Pool Slide, Native Jefferson, Camper Iman Boot, Christy Dawn Monroe Sandal

Her Closet — Accessories

  • Ana Luisa: Jewelry
  • Matt & Nat: Hiley Crossbody &  Annex Backpack
  • Ray Ban: Wayfarer

Currently Using:

  • Hydro Flask: 18 oz water bottle
  • Lush: Shower products
  • Saje: Natural Deodorants and Rollers
  • Fable: Dinnerware
  • Flax Sleep: Flax Seed Sheets
  • Winc: Wine subscription

Gaps Filled By tentree:

  • Our growing kids collection—she likes knowing she’s dressing her kids in clothes that are made with a purpose
  • Athleisure pieces like the inMotion Legging so she can replace her Lululemons with an eco-alternative
  • Elevated and comfortable basics that look good while she’s running errands and working from home
  • Bundled deals that make one-stop shopping easy and effortless

tentree Products She Currently Likes:

  • inMotion Legging, Golden Spruce Hoodie, Highline Cardigan, Blakely Romper, Laurel Pant, Basically Hiking Tee, Speak For The Trees Tote, Festival Hat, Plant Peak Hat

Add Value Initiatives That Excite Ivy:

  • Long-form content to suit her DIY lifestyle like sustainability and intentional living blogs (ie, How to keep your houseplant alive, tips & tricks to being more sustainable in everyday life)
  • Surprise and delight campaigns via customer care
  • Learning about the community and personal impact of tree planting through blogs on our site
  • Educational opportunities for her little ones like a children’s book on recycled paper

Where She Finds Us:

  • Local boutiques and retailers
  • Travel vlogs on YouTube from lifestyle influencers
  • Eco-lifestyle blogs and newsletters like The Good Trade and Going Zero Waste
  • Word of mouth through friends and family
  • Clean living mommy groups on Facebook
  • From her favourite mom and family influencers and celebrities on Instagram and Facebook
  • While getting inspiration for her upcoming family vacations on Pinterest

Questions She Wants Answered:

  • What value can tentree offer me in terms of savings or product warranties?
  • How can tentree help me live sustainably in the easiest way possible?
  • Why is it worth shopping tentree for my kiddos when they outgrow things so quickly?
  • What fabrics and materials are best for my daily routines? Can I filter by fabric to see all these products in one place?
  • How easy are shipping and returns?
  • Is tentree providing educational materials on tree planting and climate change that I can use to teach my kids?

Ivy In 5 Words

  • Compassionate, Resourceful, Detailed, Multi-Tasker, Supportive

Ivy In the Real World

  • @sophie.lynge
  • @bethanymenzel
  • @thebirdspapaya
  • @jessundecided
  • @karinemilyblog
  • @latonyayvette
  • @livviejane
  • @jaceyduprie
  • @mamawatters
  • @laurenireland
  • @themattiejames
  • @jillian.harris

Her Schedule Looks Like:

The Experience Seeker

  • Name: Oliver
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Occupation: Urban Planner
  • Income: $60,000
  • Marital Status: Dating

Cares About:

  • Living Minimally. He doesn’t like spending lots on multiple items or having more than he needs. However, he’ll make a big purchase if it’s something of quality that adds value to his life and will be used consistently. He aspires to live minimally but likes to have the right products for the right situations.
  • Spontaneity. Oliver loves to shake things up, whether it’s planning a weekend getaway on Friday at midnight or randomly deciding to take up a new hobby. He values versatile apparel that suits his spontaneous decisions and can support him in any situation.
  • Connecting with the outdoors. He’s energized by interacting with the outdoors, often in new and exciting ways. He’s always up for a quick backcountry ski or a full day hike but also loves experiencing the outdoors through other people’s POVs.
  • Pushing his limits. Oliver is constantly challenging himself both physically and mentally. He likes to see how far he can stretch a dollar, his new jacket, and his legs. Oliver loves to put life to the test and learn something new from the results.


  • Local Travel: Oliver loves maximizing his leisure time by adventuring close to home. He loves exploring relatively unknown places and adventuring where most people don’t.
  • DIY Activities: he likes to keep his hands and mind busy. He’s currently experimenting with at-home beer brewing and woodworking. Seeing his imagination and hard work come to life bring him fulfillment.
  • Growing his Community: Oliver loves meeting new people to adventure with and bounce ideas off. He does so by joining activity-based clubs (e.g. Ski ride-shares) and engaging in online forums of with topics of interest.
  • Fitness: while he’s not a fan of fitness classes or groups, he loves to push his physical limits on his own time and in spaces he loves—especially the outdoors. In the winter he’s backcountry or resort skiing, and in the summer, he’s going on weekend backpacking trips or mountain biking through the local mountains.


  • Hiking and backcountry skiing
  • Reading biographies or nonfiction
  • DIY projects like woodworking, beer brewing, refurbishing, etc.
  • Experimenting with a well-rounded, plant-based lifestyle
  • Checking out all the amazing local parks with his dog
  • Frequenting the local craft beer scene
  • Playing guitar
  • Casually following professional sports

Expectations Of Brands

  • Long-lasting staples that he won’t need to replace anytime soon
  • Some items that can be worn effortlessly in his active lifestyle like a tee that can go from the couch to the trailhead to a backyard hangout
  • Great warranty policies since he loves pushing his clothes to the limit
  • Ad-value content on social media— he’s a serial story-watcher and loves when his regular stream of social media content is interrupted with something useful, interesting, and unexpected
  • Trade-in or recycle program to complete the lifecycle of his clothes

His Closet — Daily

  • Arc’teryx: Zeta LT Jacket
  • Duer: Performance Denim Slim, Live Free, Adventure Pant, No Sweat Short
  • Lululemon: ABC Pant Classic, Tundra Trek Vest
  • Ecologyst: Hiking Shorts, Heavyweight Tee, The Puffy Jacket
  • Levi's: Hemp Vintage Fit Trucker Jacket
  • Columbia: Hooded Softshell Jacket
  • Champion: Reverse Weave Hoodie
  • Obey: Heavyweight Box Tee

His Closet — Elevated

  • Reigning Champ: Tiger Fleece Crew, Midweight Terry Hoodie
  • Club Monaco: Cashmere Cardigan, Sunset Crew Sweater, Utility Pant
  • Bradley Mountain: Navigator Jacket, Flannel Workshirt

His Closet — Shoes

  • Nike Court Royal Sneakers, Van’s Old Skool Sneakers, Allbirds Tree Dashers, Blundstones 1308 Chisel Toe Chelsea Boot, Birkenstocks Arizona Sandal, Arc’teryx Aerios FL Mid GTX Shoe

His Closet — Accessories

  • Patagonia: Arbor Daypack
  • Yeti: Rambler 1L
  • Ciele: Cap
  • Stance: Socks
  • Apple: Watch
  • Bailey Nelson: Archer Shades

Currently Using:

  • Pendleton: Blanket
  • Brodie: Bike
  • Vega: Protien Powder
  • Other: Rumpl, Leatherman

Gaps Filled By tentree:

  • More elevated men’s pieces that are still functional (e.g. hemp button-ups that are breathable)
  • Basics like the classic crew with unique or neat features that serve a purpose (hidden pocket for keys)
  • Transitional products that work for everything from commuting to socializing
  • Go-to for rare novelty purchases (sustainable graphic tees) that allow him to share his love for the environment in a subtle/tasteful way
  • That feeling of giving back and being involved in a cause that’s bigger than himself. With a busy lifestyle, it’s hard to volunteer and contribute as much as he would like.
  • Reliable and sustainable one-stop-shop for his couch / lifestyle / mountain needs

tentree Products He Currently Likes:

  • Henley Classic Longsleeve, Outsiders & Plant Hoodies, Lorax Outline Crew, Twill Everyday Jogger, Destination Pant, Mobius Backpack, tentree Classic Tees, Highline Hoodie, Unwind sweatpant, Tree Man Tee, Patch Beanie

Add Value Initiatives That Excite Oliver:

  • Return or recycle program for his older well-worn product
  • Customizable Climate+ offsets (e.g. offset your new purchase, not just the shipping)
  • Collaborations with tech-focused apparel brands (e.g. Patagonia shell with tentree spin, ten trees planted or combining the sustainability benefits of tentree with another brand)
  • tentree presence at events or trailheads for in-person education
  • Ad-value blog content to help thoroughly educate on tree planting and taking responsibility to educate on the causes we’re involved with (inspiring, meaningful stewardship)
  • Partnerships with a non-profit organizations like Protect Our Winters

Where He Finds Us:

  • YouTube pre-roll ads while researching outdoor and technical gear
  • Function-focused roundups and reviews on Youtube
  • Story-based Instagram ads while scrolling through action sports and travel influencers/athletes
  • Podcast ads
  • Word of mouth from his sustainably conscious yet fashionable friends and coworkers
  • While looking to pick up some gear at his local REI
  • Through a down-to-earth, eco-friendly woman he’s been seeing—possibly received as a gift

Questions He Wants Answered:

  • Do I actually need this? Why?
  • How long will this product last, especially if I wear it a lot?
  • What’s the warranty policy? Does tentree stand behind their product?
  • What situations can I wear this product in? What was it intended for?
  • What’s it made of, and why should I care?
  • What are some cool facts about tree planting? What sets it apart from other climate-positive initiatives?
  • How do you even plant a tree properly?
  • Is there an upcycling program or something I can do with this product when I am done with it to close the loop?

Oliver In 5 Words

  • Adventurous, Fun, Outdoorsy, Conscious, Opinionated

Oliver In the Real World

  • @codywpreston
  • @altbloom
  • @joshlynott
  • @forrestmankins
  • @cammacarthur
  • @glennmanchester
  • @jarod.adventures
  • @nathanielatakora
  • @rjbruni

His Schedule Looks Like:

Our Aspirational Personas

The Curated Do-Gooder

  • Name: Alivia
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Austin Texas
  • Occupation: Account Manager at a Creative Agency
  • Income: $70,000
  • Marital Status: Single

Cares About:

  • Human Connection. Networking and forming new connections isn’t just a part of Alivia’s career, it’s the foundation of her life. Alivia is truly passionate about fostering real, authentic relationships.
  • Continuous Self Development. Personal growth and self development are incredibly important to Alivia. She’s always seeking out new books, podcasts, and influencers to follow in this space.
  • Creative Expression. Always pushing the boundaries, always exploring new depths, Alivia finds creative inspiration from all aspects of life. She’s constantly experimenting with new ways to express what inspires her through art, journaling, and content creation.
  • Activism. She’s a fighter with a big heart who is devoted to expanding her perspective. She educates herself on social movements and engages in difficult discussions so that she can take action in her own life and encourage others to do the same.


  • Music and Media: Alivia is a huge music person and has the perfect song for every occasion or mood. One of her favourite ways to unwind is to curate a new playlist on Spotify and share it with friends. She’s also a huge podcast fan and has been thinking about starting her own.
  • Hosting Events: She has a small but engaged following on social media where she likes to have meaningful conversations about social and political issues. She recently started a “Pro-Social Supper Club” event with her friends where they raise money for local non-profits through donation-based dinner parties.
  • Food: She is, by definition, a foodie. She religiously follows local food blogs and IG accounts to make sure she’s the first to know about any new hot spots in town — that’s how she found her favourite natural wine bar. She has an entire shelf on her huge bookshelf that’s dedicated to cookbooks; her current favourite is Dining In by Alison Roman.
  • Well-being - Like Skye, Alivia places a huge importance on holistic well-being, but with a stronger focus on cosmetics. She has a 6-step skincare routine and constantly has any number of serums, tonics, and facemasks on the go. In the kitchen, she experiments with superfoods and adaptogens that have benefits for well-being.


  • Cooking
  • Yoga, barre, spin, and long walks
  • Listening to and curating playlists
  • Reading books of all genres, participating in book clubs
  • Engaging in activism and raising money for non-profits
  • Crafting new seasonal home decor
  • Blog writing
  • Consignment shopping

Expectations Of Brands

  • Supply chain transparency is huge for her — she knows fashion, so she wants to know the full story.
  • Transitional lifestyle basics that she can wear from weekend spin class to her brunch date
  • Unique items that start a conversation — she loves to share the story and mission behind the brands she carefully selects.
  • Creating a sense of community and purpose. She supports brands that value the same things as her and work to uplift not only their customers but people around the world.

Her Closet — Daily

  • Uncle Studios: Cropped Tank, Cargo Pant
  • Ferme: Be A Good Neighbor Crewneck, Humankind Hoodie,
  • MadHappy: Heritage Crewneck
  • Pangaia: Heavyweight Recycled Cotton Hoodie
  • Boyish Jeans: The Tommy Jean
  • Agolde: Riley Highrise Crop Jeans
  • Outdoor Voices: Swift 7/8 Legging

Her Closet — Elevated

  • Reformation: Ruby Cardigan Set, Gellar Top, Holden Top
  • Faithful the Brand: Jacinta Top, Sibyl Pants
  • GANNI: Printed Crepe Wrap Dress
  • & Other Stories: Woll Blend Overshirt
  • Christy Dawn: Finley Dress

Her Closet — Shoes

  • Veja Campo White Matcha Sneakers, Thousand Fell Slip Ons, HOKA Clifton 7, Everlane Glove Boot, Everlane Modern Utility Lace Up, Acne Ankle Boots, Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals

Her Closet — Accessories

  • Mejuri: Charlotte Bold Ring
  • Ana Lusia: Alyssa Chain
  • Baggu: Honey Leopard Fanny Pack
  • Celine: Sunglasses

Currently Using:

  • Moonjuice: SuperYou
  • Glossier: Futuredew
  • Recess: Sparkling Water
  • @hellointernetfurniture: Thrifted Items
  • Kinto: Travel Tumblr
  • Cadence: Vitamin Holder
  • Crown Affair: Hair Care
  • Our Place: Always Pan

Gaps Filled By tentree:

  • One-stop-shop for sustainable and ethical basics with the occasional elevated piece
  • Affordable staple pieces that fit just right and stand the test of time
  • An eco-friendly alternative to her other activewear that supports her leisure activities
  • Another cause to rally behind, but one with a tangible impact in her life. She loves wearing her values on her sleeve

tentree Products She Currently Likes:

  • inMotion Hi Rise Legging, inMotion Double Scoop Bra, inMotion Longline Active Bra, Nat Geo Collection, Keep Earth Chill Tee, French Terry Crop Hoodie and Joggers, Utility Jacket, Corduroy High Waisted Crop Pant, C2C Basics, Vegetable Dye Tees, Mid Length puffer

Add Value Initiatives That Excite Alivia:

  • She loves seeing the data on resources saved and learning about the impact of her choices using the Eco Log
  • Planting and people stories that give her insight into the communities her purchases support and who made the clothes
  • Product collaborations with creatives, artists, and community leaders
  • Capsules that uplift marginalized or negatively-impacted communities
  • Incredible, educational, and thought-provoking blog content

Where She Finds Us:

  • Instagram micro influencers
  • PR features in publications like Wired
  • Shoutouts on social-based podcasts like Call Your Girlfriend
  • While browsing at her local Nordstroms and Urban Outfitters
  • Retweets, shares, reposts by her favourite stylish eco-conscious celebs

Questions She Wants Answered:

  • How could I explain the impact this product has had in one or two sentences?
  • Where did this product come from, and what did its journey into my closet look like? Has it been offset?
  • What has tentree done recently to uplift marginalized communities?
  • Does tentree work in any urban and/or North American environments?
  • Does tentree believe in intersectional environmentalism, and how are they working to prioritize it?
  • How many women and minorities work at tentree, and how are they supporting these groups outside of their HQ?

Alivia In 5 Words

  • Good-Natured, Trendy, Balanced, Creative, Charismatic

Alivia In the Real World

  • @lalalivia
  • @honestlycailey
  • @saritawalsh
  • @maitreyabrooks
  • @evemeetswest
  • @simansays
  • @esteelalonde
  • @chinaealexander
  • @michelledugor
  • @jesswiebe

Her Schedule Looks Like:

The Chill Seeker

  • Name: Luca
  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: North Vancouver, B.C.
  • Occupation: Urban Planner
  • Income: $95,000
  • Marital Status: Newly Married

Cares About:

  • Quality over quantity. He invests in high quality goods with longevity in order to curate a life that he’s proud of.
  • Being grateful for the little things. He enjoys and basks in the simple things in life like nice food, a long weekend, and the perfect sunlight at golden hour.
  • Connecting with the outdoors. Luca is intentional about finding ways to get outside and connect with nature, like Oliver, but his activities are more introspective than adventure-based.
  • Adulting. Luca is newly married — he and his partner are thrilled about setting strong, sustainable roots as a couple. One day hoping to start a family of his own, he’s a little bit conscious of what he buys and invests in.


  • Food: Luca loves experimenting in the kitchen to impress his wife and friends. He gets excited to host friends and throw dinner parties to showcase his new recipe finds.
  • Staying Active: Luca is active in his bi-weekly running group where he runs a few kilometres with friends around the city followed by a pint at his favourite local brewery. He also loves getting on his road bike on an early Saturday morning.
  • Local Travel: Luca takes advantage of long weekends by visiting his cabin in Revelstoke in the winter and exploring the Sunshine Coast in warmer months. He’s inspired by where he lives and loves carving out time to explore hidden West Coast gems like Haida Gwaii.
  • Getting Creative: He’s constantly expanding his creative skillset from the kitchen to his home studio (converted his garage because he doesn’t have a car!). He’s always got a side project on the go that he uses as both an outlet and an opportunity to learn.


  • Outdoor activities like skiing, kayaking, car camping, road biking and hiking
  • Enjoying weekends at his family cabin in the mountains
  • Cooking and trying new recipes
  • Reading
  • Date nights in
  • Constantly researching design
  • Occasionally following professional sports with friends

Expectations Of Brands

  • Long-lasting staples that he won’t need to replace anytime soon — his closet is curated much like the rest of his life and he buys with purpose.
  • He wants pieces that can easily be worn in his professional life, at social events, and when chilling at home with his wife.
  • He likes sleek, elevated, tech-forward clothes for his low-intensity outdoor adventures that can still translate to everyday life.
  • Transparency through all stages of the supply chain so that he can really get a sense for what’s behind the brand. Certifications like B Corp are very important to him.

His Closet — Daily

  • Filson: Hyder Quilted Shirt, Alaskan Guide Shirt
  • KOTN: Sweatpant, Terry Popover
  • Ecologyst: Stanfield’s Henley, Fisherman Sweater, 195 Merino Tee
  • Arc’teryx: Piedmont Coat, Beta SV Jacket
  • Patagonia: Diamond Quilted Bomber, Hemp Canvas Ranch Jacket
  • Everlane: Performance Chino, Organic Jean

His Closet — Elevated

  • Paynter: Jacket
  • National Standard: Japanese Nep Flannel, Brushed Oxford
  • Carhartt: Chore Coat, Cord Shirt
  • Everlane: Felted Merino Hoodie, Performance Polo, Linen Shirt, Wool Trouser
  • Oak and Fort: Collared Wool Coat
  • Veilance: Quoin IS Jacket

His Closet — Shoes

  • Veja: V-12 Leather White Gum Sole
  • Red Wing Boots: Iron Ranger
  • Common Projects: Achilles Low
  • Dr. Martens: Harrema Boot

His Closet — Accessories

  • Sun Buddies: Zinedine glasses
  • Shinola: Canfield Watch
  • Bradley Mountain: Bi-Fold Wallet
  • OFS: Chunky Wool Hat, Japanese Socks

Currently Using:

  • Moleskin: Journal
  • Aesop
  • Arc’teryx: Tech Gear
  • Other: Leatherman, Gerber

Gaps Filled By tentree:

  • Trustworthy, sustainable pieces for his lifestyle
  • A mindful place to purchase for others like gifts for his wife
  • Elevated men’s pieces that are still functional (e.g. hemp button-ups that are breathable)
  • Transitional products that work for everything from commuting to socializing
  • His go-to sustainable brand. He isn’t super well-versed in the sustainable fashion realm, so he’s happy to have one brand that supports his desire to do better.

tentree Products He Currently Likes:

  • TreeFleece Classic Crew, Yale Pant,Nordmann Jacket, Highline Cotton Crew, Patch Beanie, Unisex Padded Canvas Jacket, Cotton Utility Jacket, TreeWaffle Henley, C2C Basics

Add Value Initiatives That Excite Luca:

  • Return or recycle program for old product
  • The Eco Log and updates about the planting projects he’s planted with
  • Seeing an impact report. He loves putting big numbers to things as simple as a t-shirt — data gets him excited.
  • Partnerships with non-profit organizations like Protect Our Winters

Where He Finds Us:

  • Word-of-mouth through friends
  • Received his first tentree item as a gift from his wife
  • Local curated men’s apparel shops and/or occasionally roaming REI for some gear
  • Ads on art & design blogs
  • Podcast ads
  • On some of his favourite food bloggers’ and photographers’ social channels
  • Print ads in some refined publications like Kinfolk

Questions He Wants Answered:

  • Why would I purchase a tentree product over my existing go-to brands?
  • Is this product of the same quality that I usually buy?
  • Does the styling of this product fit in with my curated wardrobe?
  • Do I actually need this? Why?
  • Is there an upcycling program or something I can do with this product when I’m done with it to close the loop?
  • What’s it made of, and why should I care?
  • How does this differ from something more conventionally made but similar in appearance or quality?

Luca In 5 Words

  • Considered, Reflective, Habitual, Relaxed, Cool

Luca In the Real World

  • @joebaue.r
  • @scottbakken
  • @lukelelee
  • @joekenneth
  • @mat_buckets
  • @nicksaysgo
  • @mrdrowlands
  • @singly_

His Schedule Looks Like:

Persona Cheat Sheet

General Usage

This is a living document. It is a snapshot of a moment in time. The world changes, people change. We need to continue to monitor the conversation and gather feedback to ensure that we stay relevant and grow with our target customers.

Target Personas

  • These represent who we believe is our biggest market opportunity
  • They are not our current customer, but they are not an unrealistic customer
  • They make up 75% of our revenue opportunity

Aspirational Personas

  • These represent who we believe has potential to inspire our target audience, as well as expose the tentree brand to new subsets of customers
  • We would be excited and proud for these personas to be wearing tentree and planting trees with us
  • They make up 25% of our revenue opportunity

Product & Merchandising

  • 100% of our assortment to be designed for our target customer: Skye, Ivy and Oliver
  • Aim to ensure that 15%-25% of the assortment speaks to our aspirational customers and fills some gaps in their closet. Offshoots are a great opportunity to design for Alivia and Luca.
  • Skye, Ivy and Oliver are our tentree muses. Alivia & Luca have the potential to inspire our target audience.
  • Utilize this document to become intimately familiar with who they are, what they love, and what drives them
  • When designing an assortment, pull inspiration from their favourite brands, activities and interests
  • Keep them top of mind through all stages of the creative and product line management process
  • Be sure to check in with their mirror social media handles for additional insight
  • Seek out their opinions when gathering feedback for prototypes and designs
  • Look to them for product line extension inspiration
  • Since this target is not reflected outright in our tentree Ambassador group or in some of our legacy tentree fans, we will need to be sure to transition mindfully and perhaps in a phased in approach.

Brand & Marketing

  • Our target personas are the foundation for all that we do. Having an intimate knowledge of our target and aspirational customers will allow us to market to them more efficiently and effectively in all that we do, while also being cognisant of where not to show up, and who not to speak to.
  • On a macro level, our personas should guide:
    • Where, how, and why we show up the way we do
    • The stories that we tell 
    • The pain points that we help solve
    • How we build brand awareness
    • Who we partner with
    • Who we look to for feedback
    • Where our inspiration comes from
  • On a micro level, our personas should guide:
    • Performance marketing strategy
    • Deeper email segmentation and personalization
    • Influencer, affiliate, ambassador, and partnership strategies
    • Geo Targeting Communications strategy
    • Brand Awareness strategy Content strategy 
    • Web look, feel and merchandising
  • Our target personas are going to be instrumental in all areas of the creative briefing, ideation, and execution process.
    • They will allow us to justify design decisions and further hone in on our layouts, design elements, models and photography 
    • We will get comfortable not catering to everyone and everyone and we will hold our target customers as our north star. The more targeted we can get in our approach and execution, the better.

Revenue Opportunity

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